Иметь нескольких детей от разных мужчин.

Словарь 2007 года. — М.: Большой город. 2007.

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  • multi-dadding — pp. Having multiple children with multiple men. multi dad v., n. Example Citations: In our part of the world, Lucy Lawless, Sally Ridge and Wendyl Nissen happily navigate their way through multi dadding arrangements. ... Women like Anderson say… …   New words

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  • NASCAR dad — (NAS.kar dad) n. A white, working class father. Example Citation: Although politics and pole position might seem an unlikely mix, analysts say Democrats could be on to something. Candidates in recent years have coveted the votes of so called… …   New words

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  • flat daddy — n. An enlarged, usually life sized photograph of a deployed soldier, used to comfort that soldier s children, spouse, or relatives. Also: flat mommy. Example Citations: To make your daughter feel good at home, you can tape your husband as he… …   New words

  • mutual child — (MYOO.choo.uhl chyld) n. A child born to a couple who already have children from previous marriages. Example Citation: Q. My wife is jealous of my 4 year old from a previous marriage, who recently joined us. We are fine when our mutual child is… …   New words

  • office-park dad — (AW.fis park dad) n. A married, suburban father who works in a white collar job. Also: office park dad. Example Citation: The new blue collar worker, the new Reagan Democrat, is the office park dad. said Simon Rosenberg, executive director of the …   New words

  • parallel parenting — n. A form of parenting in which a divorced couple assume or are assigned specific parental duties while minimizing or eliminating contact with each other. Example Citations: In the most high conflict cases, the arrangements are being called… …   New words

  • polyfidelity — n. Faithfulness within a group of sexual partners, particularly to the other members of a polygamous relationship. Example Citations: It s been my experience that when language changes, causes often succeed. ... Turley uses the term plural unions …   New words

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